Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

TWO cheers for Hitwheels!

How time flies. This month marks my second year in auto blogging! To remember this day I am publishing the first official Hitwheels wallpapers featuring the Bimmerfest 2011 with its theme "My Bimmer, the ultimate driving machine!"

That will be me and a yellow BMW Z3 roadster behind. Credits to my friend Paul Gotiong for clicking the camera for me. Introduced way back in 1996, the Z3 was the first modern mass-market roadster produced by the German auto maker, as well as the first BMW model assembled in the US. The Z3's engines and road manners came only second to its styling. Almost nobody seemed to care about it that it seems the Z3 would sell even without an engine!Lol 

Those sexy legs belong to my friend and fellow photographer, Darlene Mijares, flanking on a vintage two-door BMW 2002! This baby should be around 40 years old now. For some time before this coupe has been the choice for many enthusiastic drivers and competed with great success in touring races in different countries.

Look at those athletic legs!Lolz those are Paul Gotiong's, one of Cebu's known photographers. Behind him is the 3.0i Bmw Z4 Roadster. FYI the Z4 is a rear-wheel drive sports car powered by 6-cylinder engine with TwinPower turbo technology.

For high resolution photos just click on this link  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is a Check Engine Light?

"The vehicle will run fine, but it will inject more fuel and you'll buy it more often," 

Many of us, drivers, doesn't know what this light means when it starts to actually light in our dashboards. When the light comes on, it may mean you simply didn't tighten your gas cap enough after filling up - or it could mean there's a major trouble brewing in your catalytic converter.
Here is a compiled list of to do's when the "light" is encountered from, a seller of do-it-yourself tools to help you diagnose problems with your car. The light may not look so serious but it is important to find out why the light is ON because "small problems can lead to big price tags" if necessary repairs aren't completed or there really is a problem with your car already that needs prompt attention. 
Here's the list:
  1.  Replace the oxygen sensor. The sensor is a device that measures oxygen in the car's exhaust and helps regulate how much fuel the engine needs to operate. If it's faulty, it will make the car use more fuel than needed - and end up raising your fuel costs as much as 40 percent. Replacing the sensor usually costs less than Php 10,000.

  • 2.Inspect for a loose or cracked gas cap. If you don't tighten the gas cap enough, or if it's broken, gas can evaporate into the air, wasting fuel. A new gas cap typically costs less than Php 500.

  • 3. Replace the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter reduces toxic emissions and can be an expensive repair that could reach to as much as Php80,000. Typically, this part won't fail unless you repeatedly ignore problems with faulty oxygen sensors or spark plugs. So its ranking suggests a lot of routine repairs aren't getting done.

  • 4. Replace the mass air flow sensor. This device measures air coming into the engine. Problems here can be prevented by changing the air filter when you have your oil changed - for a cost of about Php1000. If you don't, and dust builds up on the sensor, you could be in for a Php20,000 repair.

  • 5. Replace the spark plugs. Changing spark plugs typically costs cheaper if you do it yourself. Again, if not replaced, damaged spark plugs can cause the engine to misfire and lead to expensive catalytic converter problems.

Generally, if the "check engine" light comes on you can safely drive the car until you are able to stop and check the gas cap or take it in for servicing in the nearest auto shop available. If the light is flashing, however, the problem is probably serious and you may do mechanical damage to your car by continuing to drive. Guys driving is a skill, so let's not be stupid. When any of the warning lights are on, and you don't know what it is, consult someone else who does. Drive safe!

Friday, July 8, 2011

1967 VW T2

"This sunshine is a split on the road!"

Spotted in Ayala Terraces parking a vintage VW van! Known as the Transporter or Bus in layman terms. Before any other trendy APV (all-purpose-vehicle) nowadays like the most common Toyota Grandia and Nissan Urvan, this vintage is the forerunner of the modern cargo and and passenger vans. Like the superstar Beetle, the van received numerous nicknames worldwide like microbus, minibus, and the hippie van! Following its first generation, the T2 adopted exterior renovations and engine specs upgrade making it a more reliable German creation!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Porsche Cayman S

"German engineers never fails to amuse me!"

The midengine boxster who is nothing more than a poor man's 911, but as to anyone who has driven one can attest the Cayman is no weak link. The character of this sportscar is one of free will; no compromise but to make conscious decisions, to be governed by nothing but one's free will.

It has a 3.4-litre capacity engine than can push its power output to 320hp at 7,200rpm with a maximum torque of 370 Nm at 4,750 rpm. All these achieved by the (DFI) direct fuel injection in the Cayman S, a lightweight construction and a host of other engineering advancements.

German engineers never fail to amuse me. Get in, and the car really fits around you not the other way around. The driving position, pedal layout and gearchange are all smootha nd perfect. Oh and the leather sports seat are definitely perfect to my every body contours. But even more amazing is the Cayman's composure in any surface. The steering and suspension are in perfect sync making handling superb.

Spotted in RED who's apparently owned by one of our local politicians. ^_^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nissan 370Z GT Edition

"The spirit of that pioneering "Z" lives on!"

Built to celebrate Nissan's global racing success, the new 370Z GT Edition promises to be the best handling version yet. Inspired by its 1970s forebearer, the newborn features a set of eye-catching racing stripes down both sides, darker 19-inch alloys, and a trio of special paint finishes - Pearl White, Kuro Black, and Black Rose.

As the name implies, the GT Edition highlights Nissan's presence in GT racing on the world stage. As well as its continuing commitment to Super GT in Japan. The edition also introduces a number of significant suspension and equipment improvements which have been also adopted by the standardf Coupe. One of the principal modification is the retuned dampers that provides ideal balance between ride comfort and high-speed handling. With a shorter wheelbase, wider track and stiffer shell than its predecessors, the Nissan 370Z has starred on track as well as on road.

Extra kit for the GT Edition includes a reversing camera that appears in the sat-nav screen and a new tyre pressure monitoring system. The advance seven-speed automatic option now has a 'snow' setting mode when which applied, sets the car off in second gear and controls engine revs to prevent spinning the wheels in slippery conditions.

However changes aren't purely cosmetic - the latest addition to the line-up has been fettled by Nissan's UK engineers, who have retuned the dampers to help provide "the ideal balance the ride comfort and high-speed handling" and added underfloor insulation to help increase refinement. The newcomer's price starts at Php2,500,000 ( SP35,000).

Ford Mustang GT

SPOTTED Ford Mustang GT earlier today at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces Parking Area.

If ever there were a so-called American automotive icon, perhaps the Ford Mustang would be it. The legendary Ford Mustang appeared in most Hollywood movies. Today's Mustang brings bold styling, remarkable performance and affordability that have been Mustang's trademark for decades in auto industry history. It created the "pony car" class of American automobile - sports car like coupes with long hood and short rear decks that gave rise to its competitors.