Saturday, August 16, 2008

the swift SWIFT~

ME and my dad have been on a car hunting spree recently. HE comes home for vacation every other month and on those weeks i should say we atleast spent 30% of the time on car hunting. After heading to the suzuki showroom atleast two times already and one inquiry in ayala during the car show few weeks ago we finally mustered up to a decision for a test drive a day before he left for Africa. well that was actually after we test drive on the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. Smug.

During the test drive around the city, the car exhibited exceptionally zippy handling. I havent tested the Mini but it sure was close to go-kart handling! Although it does exhibited more stable handling especially in curves compared to the Yaris and Jazz. The car has hardly a bad engine, it was fairly revvy and nice, but to be frank the power wasn't there at all maybe because its a 1.5 we had driven, im not sure with the 1.6 Sport version though. However the pricing of the sport version is just a little bit higher from the standard so if u want more power u should go for the sport. Fuel efficiency is not that good compared to the Yaris or the Jazz, a liter of high octane gasoline (95 or higher, the most expensive type of gasoline) could only run you upto 10km or less in city driving.For aesthetics the car itself doesnt look small up close - namely because it is tall but the interior is tiny. The boot especially is really tiny - much smaller than the Honda Jazz and the Yaris. I would place the boot to be the same size as the Mini-Cooper - which means really small. Suzuki provides a 2 level rear boot shelf though. Dont expect too much in terms of interior build quality - nearly everything is nasty hard plastic. The steering wheel, although ugly, feels pretty good plus its audio switches are just a thumb away while steering. For safety it offers dual airbags that could save its odd factors.

Nonethelss, I quite like the Swift the same way i like the Yaris and not quite with the JAzz. For a B-segment vehicle it's a good buy already... Unfortunately, because of the space it provides, it is great only as a service car for students or young professionals who dont have to mind for compulsory extra baggages. Best color for the car is pearl white where intricate little details and curves should be visible that makes the car more attractive.