Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She's coming! the all new HONDA CITY 2009

"Honda may now have the weapon to take on the all mighty Vios!"

The all-new face lift of the grumpy has already been unveiled, and it's making echoes around car enthusiasts already. Your first sighting of this compact sedan would definitely be the exterior style that gives it a radical departure from the previous model. It does feature some new visual elements that you'll also find on all other remodeled Honda cars. While the sharp butt makes it look more sporty although it does look like a reminiscent of the 3 series. Anyways, Honda obviously always try to be the BMW of the east. Now if you don't look at the details, and concentrate on the silhouette of the car especially the side profile, you’ll notice that its almost exactly like the current model civic. But who cares, their like siblings you know, of course at some part they should have resemblance. And I say she's a worthy little sister of the good looking Civic! I can't help it, judging cars is almost the same as judging girls. Look at the girls’ rear and front ‘bumpers’ first. :-)

Nonetheless, the new Honda City is based on the platform of the award winning new Honda Jazz, and benefits from the many of the technologies seen in the new hatchback. The longer wheel base gives a significant improvement in interior space as well as the associated ride and handling benefits. Safety performance is also enhanced with the adoption of the ACE Body Structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), which better protects occupants of both cars in the event of a collision between vehicles of different heights.

Unfortunately for those planning to buy, you have to wait a little longer since according to the sales agent that i talked to recently, the model will be available not until march 2009th. Although it is already available in countries like Thailand, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Surely we could wait, it does look hot.