Monday, September 20, 2010

Shell V-Power Diesel

As a motorist whatever i drive I always want to get the best performance out of my vehicle. This is why Shell, the premiere fuel depot here in the Philippines, has developed a fuel that will let me just do that. The new improved and advanced formula that is designed to power whatever diesel engine vehicle you drive is the Shell V-Power Diesel.

In the past years most of us know that together with Audi Sport, Shell made motorsports history when the first diesel race car won the 24 hours Le Mans race for 3 consecutive years from 2006 to 2008. On these Occasions, Shell V-Power Diesel's advanced technology helped boost the car's performance which powers them to victory! The new diesel fuel's unique formulation is designed to help remove and prevent deposits that over time can build up in diesel fuel injection systems that will cause combustion performance and power output reduction. Continued use of this fuel will prevent build up of such deposits and will help your car's engine performance to its full potential. It is designed to deliver more power by keeping the complex fuel injection system in top condition that not only ensure better performance but also improved driving experience. This is because the V-Power diesel is formulated with powerful cleaning agents that actively clean fuel injectors from deposits which may have been left Behind by other fuels. Nonetheless, Pilipinas Shell sees the entry of V-Power Diesel as a very timely move, what with the rising popularity of diesel-powered vehicles in the country, especially the new generation CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection) engines.

Shell with its new fuel line hits Cebu with a bang at Penthouse Club. Car enthusiasts and big names in the motoring industry showed off with their bling parked around the bar.

Bloggers with Maui Taylor as celebrity guest for the V-Power Diesel kick-off party.

The lovely Ms. Cybill Gayatin with friends.

On the other hand, Shell's biggest rival Petron has also its time coming fast for their new diesel fuel called TURBO DIESEL. But whatever holds innovative for this fuel line will be known to motorists upon its arrival in the country.