Thursday, June 23, 2011

Porsche Cayman S

"German engineers never fails to amuse me!"

The midengine boxster who is nothing more than a poor man's 911, but as to anyone who has driven one can attest the Cayman is no weak link. The character of this sportscar is one of free will; no compromise but to make conscious decisions, to be governed by nothing but one's free will.

It has a 3.4-litre capacity engine than can push its power output to 320hp at 7,200rpm with a maximum torque of 370 Nm at 4,750 rpm. All these achieved by the (DFI) direct fuel injection in the Cayman S, a lightweight construction and a host of other engineering advancements.

German engineers never fail to amuse me. Get in, and the car really fits around you not the other way around. The driving position, pedal layout and gearchange are all smootha nd perfect. Oh and the leather sports seat are definitely perfect to my every body contours. But even more amazing is the Cayman's composure in any surface. The steering and suspension are in perfect sync making handling superb.

Spotted in RED who's apparently owned by one of our local politicians. ^_^

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nissan 370Z GT Edition

"The spirit of that pioneering "Z" lives on!"

Built to celebrate Nissan's global racing success, the new 370Z GT Edition promises to be the best handling version yet. Inspired by its 1970s forebearer, the newborn features a set of eye-catching racing stripes down both sides, darker 19-inch alloys, and a trio of special paint finishes - Pearl White, Kuro Black, and Black Rose.

As the name implies, the GT Edition highlights Nissan's presence in GT racing on the world stage. As well as its continuing commitment to Super GT in Japan. The edition also introduces a number of significant suspension and equipment improvements which have been also adopted by the standardf Coupe. One of the principal modification is the retuned dampers that provides ideal balance between ride comfort and high-speed handling. With a shorter wheelbase, wider track and stiffer shell than its predecessors, the Nissan 370Z has starred on track as well as on road.

Extra kit for the GT Edition includes a reversing camera that appears in the sat-nav screen and a new tyre pressure monitoring system. The advance seven-speed automatic option now has a 'snow' setting mode when which applied, sets the car off in second gear and controls engine revs to prevent spinning the wheels in slippery conditions.

However changes aren't purely cosmetic - the latest addition to the line-up has been fettled by Nissan's UK engineers, who have retuned the dampers to help provide "the ideal balance the ride comfort and high-speed handling" and added underfloor insulation to help increase refinement. The newcomer's price starts at Php2,500,000 ( SP35,000).

Ford Mustang GT

SPOTTED Ford Mustang GT earlier today at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces Parking Area.

If ever there were a so-called American automotive icon, perhaps the Ford Mustang would be it. The legendary Ford Mustang appeared in most Hollywood movies. Today's Mustang brings bold styling, remarkable performance and affordability that have been Mustang's trademark for decades in auto industry history. It created the "pony car" class of American automobile - sports car like coupes with long hood and short rear decks that gave rise to its competitors.