Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 PLDT myDSL Speed Circuit Drifting Exhibition

April 11, 2010 - From the nationwide series of speed, shifts, turns, and loud squeeking of drifting tires, BigSeed Media parks the MyDSL Speed Circuit Driftng Exhibition live in SM City Cebu! Topnotch drifter Alex Perez with wonder boy Gio and hot lady drifter Pio Boren made feel to Cebuanos the real deal of drifting this mojos! The fan's need for speed was quench by a series of simultaneous adrenaline pumping drifts of this year's drift tuned cars Mazda RX-7, Toyota Levin AE86, and Toyota Chaser JZX100. So you know, drift cars are light to moderate rear-wheel-drive coupes and sedans with large range of power levels. Meaning your Vios or City for crying out loud won't do! so stop trying!Lol.The drivers took turns in driving this babies as they dust the place!

On the latter celebrity drifter Ryan Agoncillo made grace and showed off his honed skills in drifting as well. Random viewers were also treated a ride and feel of squeeking tires as they shout out loud the thrill and excitement inside the mojos.

Ryan Agoncillo shares his passion and drive on how it all started.

Hot lady drifter Pia Boren

Boywonder Gio posses with mean machine Nissan Coupe GTR

Most celebrated drifter Alex Perez with his crew behind

According to Alex this motorsport is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers causing the rear wheels to loose traction through turns while maintaining control on the vehicle through the use of foot and hand breaks released and locked in simultaneously in high speed.

A word of advice for individuals who wants to try drifting like me, try your maneuvering skills first through these toy cars pimp specially for game drifting. Should cost you around Php10 -15 thousand depending on the modifications you install, i.e., wheels, batteries, remote control, and power motor. Not bad to jump start a new hobby and avoid wrecking a real car. have FUN!

Credits to Doyzkie Buenaviaje for this photo!
Cheers to Ms. Jaja Chiongbian of BigSeed Media for breaking one cool event!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mazda CX-7

"A truly potent sport crossover SUV"

Designed to blend both sports car and sports utility vehicle, attributes sporting and dynamic features exclusively for every road you're ever going to travel. The birth of the CX7 here in the Philippines draws in crowd of individuals gambling on 5 seater SUV rather the traditional 7 seater. This places CX7 on the same road with Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, and Hyundai Tucson.

Though of much no difference to the old CX-7, exterior styling is emotional! Lines and contour blend with each other incorporating the details of a sports car to an SUV. The craftmanship and design is very mindful. and what strikes me most is the sharp and aggressive front contours. The CX-7 rolls on 17inch alloy wheels with a dimension of 4.7 X 1.9m, spacious enough to be a midsize suv. And i should tell you that its HID ready, need not to pimp the eyes!

On the inside the feel is sophisticated. The panel board is equipped with advance control systems including an LCD display for fuel consumption, maintenance record, and vehicle performance. Plus the meter cluster is inspired by the thoroughbred Mazda RX-8. Active auxiliary controls are still available on the steering wheel for the driver's accessibility and comfort. I personally think this should come on all cars today. One thing disturbs me is the cliff-cut on the facia board between the trip LCD display which worst extends all the way to both ends, totally disagrees the concept of continuous flow. Nonetheless, the driver's seat is electronically adjustable giving perfect command to the fit you perfectly want. So no more pushing, sliding and pulling.Lelz. Legroom is good but head room is quite lower than the normal. Upholstery is leather with perforated inserts, and both front seats have heaters. Boot and utility space is excellent. And here comes my surprise! the floor console between the front seats is large enough to hold most notebook computers which means no more notebooks on the seats!

The CX70 represents Mazda'a newly adopted MZR 2.5 petrol engine that delivers sound drivability and fuel economy without compromising the zoom zoom driving performance. Runs in 9km/liter in mixed driving for a luxury SUV sure feels good. In addition driving stability and handling is superb especially when doing sudden stops, high speed on curves, and quick shifts between cars. This is because of the integrated Dynamic Control System (DCS) and Traction Control System (TCS) that greatly attributes to safety, stability, and performance of the vehicle. Techtronic activematic transmission still comes with this baby as well as the rest of the Mazda Pack.