Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost 2 good 2B true!

"So well judged its almost wasted on the www generation......"

In a time when we have become accustomed to each new generation, being somewhat heavier and bigger, the MAZDA 2 is a pleasant surprise. Mazda has managed to give it almost all the bells and whistles one could wish for in B-segment vehicle. Or, in normal English, a car that competes in the segment where the Suzuki Swift and Toyota Yaris are big players.

I've always been a big fan of the Toyota Yaris, a car that mixes practicality and affordability with cute looks. But when i came accross Mazda site and discovered the little critter Mazda 2 i was able to compare the two side by side in the screen. And next to Mazda 2's fresh styling, the Yaris looks positively dated. the interior styling is also very fresh, with side mirrors that fold electrically, iPod jacks across the range, and satellite audio controls! And here's more keyless entry, auto aircon, rain sensing wipers and to top it is a "smart start" which means you can start the car with the keys in your pocket! But the Mazda 2 is a lot more than just nice to look at. the underpinnings "the mechanical stuffs" gives it class leading handling. The little critter's abilities bends over at 140 km/h with almost mind-boggling ease. And for status it claims 13.2 sec 0-100km/h run! superb for a B-segment vehicle and runs your fuel at only 5.9L every 100 km, that's super! And, erm, although its not yet locally available in the market. Prepare to see a lot of them on the roads early next year!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

the swift SWIFT~

ME and my dad have been on a car hunting spree recently. HE comes home for vacation every other month and on those weeks i should say we atleast spent 30% of the time on car hunting. After heading to the suzuki showroom atleast two times already and one inquiry in ayala during the car show few weeks ago we finally mustered up to a decision for a test drive a day before he left for Africa. well that was actually after we test drive on the Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. Smug.

During the test drive around the city, the car exhibited exceptionally zippy handling. I havent tested the Mini but it sure was close to go-kart handling! Although it does exhibited more stable handling especially in curves compared to the Yaris and Jazz. The car has hardly a bad engine, it was fairly revvy and nice, but to be frank the power wasn't there at all maybe because its a 1.5 we had driven, im not sure with the 1.6 Sport version though. However the pricing of the sport version is just a little bit higher from the standard so if u want more power u should go for the sport. Fuel efficiency is not that good compared to the Yaris or the Jazz, a liter of high octane gasoline (95 or higher, the most expensive type of gasoline) could only run you upto 10km or less in city driving.For aesthetics the car itself doesnt look small up close - namely because it is tall but the interior is tiny. The boot especially is really tiny - much smaller than the Honda Jazz and the Yaris. I would place the boot to be the same size as the Mini-Cooper - which means really small. Suzuki provides a 2 level rear boot shelf though. Dont expect too much in terms of interior build quality - nearly everything is nasty hard plastic. The steering wheel, although ugly, feels pretty good plus its audio switches are just a thumb away while steering. For safety it offers dual airbags that could save its odd factors.

Nonethelss, I quite like the Swift the same way i like the Yaris and not quite with the JAzz. For a B-segment vehicle it's a good buy already... Unfortunately, because of the space it provides, it is great only as a service car for students or young professionals who dont have to mind for compulsory extra baggages. Best color for the car is pearl white where intricate little details and curves should be visible that makes the car more attractive.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Chinese cars goes global!!??

Chinese automakers not ready to take on the world says GM executive on paper. Probably correct but ol’ cynical China Car Times (a website) thinks he’s circling the wagons in an attempt to enter the big world of mean machines. Chinese cars are not quite as good as the Americans, Europeans, or Japanese autos but they are a lot cheaper and economical, and honestly they also quite look good.

here is a photo of a pick-up truck by GoNow, one of china's auto manufacturers, that were supplied by GoNow themselves and…. hmmmm…. i'm mildly impressed. The front end of this truck though does look a little like the Ford truck.

Brother, is that you? The Ford 4-trac concept truck (below)

I personally think GoNow deserve a round of applause for making a truck that actually looks like it was well thought out, even if does look a little like it was inspired by the Ford! Nonetheless i thinhk in no doubt China is serious about developing its car industry. and despite of some shocking reviews of auto magazines and websites and the controversy over some of the country's copycat designs, the slim-eyed manufacturers are determined to steal sales abroad.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mazda3 Hatchback --- Stir your soul!

As i now start my unsolicited venture to blogging, I thought on what would be the best blog to cut my ribbon than starting with my own car!Lolz so here goes and read!

"COULD BE" the most powerful front-wheel drive in its class!"

I have been driving different cars since i was sixteen and i finally got my own hitch , the MAZDA 3 hatchback sports. Originally I opt for the sedan specifically white, but my buyer chose the buttless, goodbye Beyonce! Great! Quite unexcited until I drove her. and once I felt the raw and explosive power of the buttless chic, I understood why my dad choose the mazda 3 hatchback sports over the sedan. The technologically advanced "techtronic activematic transmission" for enhanced acceleration and ultimate driving pleasure would be a start for this fire-breather! The engine and tranny is in perfect sync together, very smooth. It's not "Porcshe fast" or anything like that but it has plenty of punch and is heck of fun while driving. The driving position is excellent, the seat's supportive, the engine's smooth and responsive and I read that it is one of the best designs on the road today. I really dont know!hehehe. The interior design is clean-sporty and very appealing. should i need to tell unexpectedly roomy!?Lolz. I've tested other vehicles in this category and none can match the smooth "zoom" of the engine, the sound is beating my ear drums real good! I had tried driving several times my ex-girlfriend's Honda Civic 2008 and yes i did compare, and I have to say the Mazda3 is a superior in most ways no offense to her.hahaha. While the steering and handling are far superior to any vehicle I have driven in its class, you can even drive in pinky finger!hahaha. It's already great in city driving and and what more in country driving which i sure experienced plenty "what the heck!" fun on turns! Who needs to go 0-60 in 5secs, 9.5 secs is fine with me and it does smoke a lot of 'those' cars already. I did my research on this car and I say it's a great buy. The body was designed by Volvo giving it a European feel & safety. The suspension was designed by Ford giving it the American sports car handling and the engine was designed by Mazda giving it the Japanese reliability. And yeah, fuel efficiency rate is on 7-8km/L for city driving and somehwere 10-11 km/L on country. Not so bad. So cool So zoom!