Friday, July 11, 2008

Chinese cars goes global!!??

Chinese automakers not ready to take on the world says GM executive on paper. Probably correct but ol’ cynical China Car Times (a website) thinks he’s circling the wagons in an attempt to enter the big world of mean machines. Chinese cars are not quite as good as the Americans, Europeans, or Japanese autos but they are a lot cheaper and economical, and honestly they also quite look good.

here is a photo of a pick-up truck by GoNow, one of china's auto manufacturers, that were supplied by GoNow themselves and…. hmmmm…. i'm mildly impressed. The front end of this truck though does look a little like the Ford truck.

Brother, is that you? The Ford 4-trac concept truck (below)

I personally think GoNow deserve a round of applause for making a truck that actually looks like it was well thought out, even if does look a little like it was inspired by the Ford! Nonetheless i thinhk in no doubt China is serious about developing its car industry. and despite of some shocking reviews of auto magazines and websites and the controversy over some of the country's copycat designs, the slim-eyed manufacturers are determined to steal sales abroad.

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