Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mazda3 Hatchback --- Stir your soul!

As i now start my unsolicited venture to blogging, I thought on what would be the best blog to cut my ribbon than starting with my own car!Lolz so here goes and read!

"COULD BE" the most powerful front-wheel drive in its class!"

I have been driving different cars since i was sixteen and i finally got my own hitch , the MAZDA 3 hatchback sports. Originally I opt for the sedan specifically white, but my buyer chose the buttless, goodbye Beyonce! Great! Quite unexcited until I drove her. and once I felt the raw and explosive power of the buttless chic, I understood why my dad choose the mazda 3 hatchback sports over the sedan. The technologically advanced "techtronic activematic transmission" for enhanced acceleration and ultimate driving pleasure would be a start for this fire-breather! The engine and tranny is in perfect sync together, very smooth. It's not "Porcshe fast" or anything like that but it has plenty of punch and is heck of fun while driving. The driving position is excellent, the seat's supportive, the engine's smooth and responsive and I read that it is one of the best designs on the road today. I really dont know!hehehe. The interior design is clean-sporty and very appealing. should i need to tell unexpectedly roomy!?Lolz. I've tested other vehicles in this category and none can match the smooth "zoom" of the engine, the sound is beating my ear drums real good! I had tried driving several times my ex-girlfriend's Honda Civic 2008 and yes i did compare, and I have to say the Mazda3 is a superior in most ways no offense to her.hahaha. While the steering and handling are far superior to any vehicle I have driven in its class, you can even drive in pinky finger!hahaha. It's already great in city driving and and what more in country driving which i sure experienced plenty "what the heck!" fun on turns! Who needs to go 0-60 in 5secs, 9.5 secs is fine with me and it does smoke a lot of 'those' cars already. I did my research on this car and I say it's a great buy. The body was designed by Volvo giving it a European feel & safety. The suspension was designed by Ford giving it the American sports car handling and the engine was designed by Mazda giving it the Japanese reliability. And yeah, fuel efficiency rate is on 7-8km/L for city driving and somehwere 10-11 km/L on country. Not so bad. So cool So zoom!