Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini Clubman "Kiss my butt!"

The Mini has always been an instant recognisable appearance that in most occasion would literally turn heads. The brand continues to grow with the introduction of the new Clubman model that carries the same uniqueness in the shape and design of the Mini bloodline. The powerful external contours underline the striking and aerodynamic profile of a Clubman. Uniqueness is a factor thus among the Minis too. Subtly integrated into the right-hand side (passenger door) is the "distinctive door" to a Clubman called "clubdoor" that ensures stress free access to the rear seats that also gives sleek exterior profile when closed. A bigger mini may sound like outbound the tradition, but the new Clubman succeeds in offering slightly more good space and cargo room while it still remains compact and true to its concept. The new member of the Mini family is a four-seat, two door hatchback. Added to its uniqueness is the two-door cabinet swing butt to fill in all your luggages and extras.

Driving highlights the sporty kick of this critter; crisp transmission and swift acceleration makes it a sportstar! Powered by the twin-scroll turbocharged 1.6L engine and has benefited from a number of performance-enhancing revisions, including changes to the air filter, air mass meter, exhaust system, catalyst and turbo charger. Now pumping out 155kW and 260N.m of torque, the John Cooper works accelerates to 100km/h in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 238km/h. Is it not too fast to kiss the butt? The clubman brings with it a fuel consumption of 8L/100km.

Overall, the MINI Cooper Clubman's increased in size and interior space does not affect the car's signature look and feel. This is a car that delicately balances fun and practicality - with the emphasis on FUN!

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