Friday, December 3, 2010

The 3rd Annual Best Cebu Blogs 2010

To tell you honestly blogging is not my thing, I mean i find it weird talking to the monitor while your fingers typing on the keys. Until i got inspired by my best friend who told me it's fun and would help me express my thoughts in so many ways I could imagine! Well HE is RIGHT! Now I have become a blogger! And I'm proud to call myself one! So I did!

I can still remember when I started blogging last year and how excited I was trying to figure out my blog name that will flag my thoughts and experiences online. Not to mention nights of single brainstorming the subject of my blog!Lol. Then I figured out blogging should be made from the heart and transmitted to words through your mind to be understood, not just because you need to blog it or obliged to do so. So i landed making auto reviews and events or any related to such. I mean I love cars just like my passion for photography. I have been to a serious life-threatening car accident, and have driven a lot of different cars already. And to top it up when i was a child i sure have a lot of toy cars! So that should do it and that's how HITWHEELS started rolling and the rest is what it is now. Nonetheless, in every crop there is always a cream. With blogging being followed by readers and recognized is the best cream I could imagine! More if you get considered for the Best Cebu Blogs Award. That's like cream on top of cream if you know what i mean!

"As much as i want to tell everyone about stuff, blogging is the best way to do it!" - nike

To tell you background about this award giving body, the Best Cebu Blogs founded by Mark Monta that is now in its third year aims to recognize the existence and relevance of blogging in Cebu’s local online scene. It also aspires to augment Cebu bloggers’ influence in the general cyber community worldwide. The Best Cebu Blogs 2010 focuses on pooling the top 10 blogs with excellent and relevant content that promotes everything about Cebu to the world. The judges will be represented by blogging community heads from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Below are the list of the top 20 nominees up for the cream!

Aika Baylon of
Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje of (iLearners Inc.)
Bert Padilla of
Daryl "Drake Danaviir" Cataluña of (iLearners Inc.)
Edcel Ceniza/Sheena Darunday of
Jason Karl S. Buhia of
Jaysee John Rosal Pingkian of
Jomar Lanorias Lipon of
Karlota Murillo of
Kevin Ray Chua of
Leylan Romarate of
Mark Anthony Razonable of
Mary Angeli Bas of (iLearners Inc.)
Max Limpag of
Nike Enriquez Cagulada of (iLearners Inc.)
Paolo Berdin of
Philip Andrew Mayol of
Reynarose G. Trasmil of
Ricky ‘Rabsin’ de la Cruz of
Shanette G. Mancao of

For 2008 & 2009 Best Cebu Blogs Winners. Please click here.

The blogs not the ones behind it will undergo a strict screening process by the judges according to Content (Relevance to Cebu, Grammar & Sentence Construction) and Design & Layout (Appeal and User-Friendliness). Judges will be visiting their sites/blogs and evaluate them according to the specified criteria of judging . Their final decision will give way to this year’s Top 10 Best Cebu Blogs winners.

The hitch is the Top 10 Best Cebu Blogs will be announced only on the very first offline awarding event on December 12, 2010, 4 PM to 8PM at Sugbutel’s Penthouse as the Top 20 Nominees will assemble and meet up on this very first offline awarding event in the history of Best Cebu Blogs. See you guys by then!

We would like to thank our avid and generous sponsors who have made The 3rd Annual Best Cebu Blogs Awards possible because of their unending support and contributions:

Co-Presenter: Sugbutel

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsor: Timex Philippines Inc.

Business Partner: Mandaue Chamber of Commerce

Official Online Media Partners: Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc., Yehey!,

Official Photographer: Alvin Asayas Photography

Official Radio Media Partner: Y101 FM CEBU- Always First


Agnes Embile Jimenez said...

Yeah, you're definitely right, Nike. Blogging should be made from the heart - we should blog about things that we are passionate about.

In behalf of the Best Cebu Blogs Committee, Congratulations for making it to the Top 20. We look forward for your presence on the awarding night. Happy Blogging & more power. (:

NIKE said...

hello agnes thanks for confirming the blogging and heart combo!hehehe. ill try to be there. see you guys!

Anonymous said...

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