Sunday, September 6, 2009

Accord ME!

Honda’s revelation of the all-new accord last year is undoubtedly surprising but expected, following toyota’s new camry, mazda’s 6, and the leading BMW 3 series which they all fell on the same category! Honda somehow is adamant that this new model will be competitive in the market and will battle the likes of the above.

With sharper, more aggressive styling and some very bold body contours compared to its predecessor, the new Accord certainly demands to be noticed as I did when I saw it middle last year turning my head around. The squat new appearance is the result of wider front and rear tracks a lower roofline and comes with a rolling 17" hardy wheels.

Inside, the theme "bigger is better!", which only means that there is more than the usual leg room and head space. Not to mention more room for those signature Honda details! There is a dramatic new fascia finished in premium materials plus the Bluetooth system that is becoming a standard for vehicles nowadays. Driver's seat has a 10-way power adjustment including power lumbar support to fine tune your unique fit. The model also comes with a moonroof, another 'thing' for upscale sedans.

Honda claims Accord is the first car to boast an engine line-up that is entirely compliant with the Euro 5 emissions regulations. Environmentally friendly for short!Lolz. Arguably the star of the engine range is the new 2.2L i-DTEC engine that delivers 110kW and 350 N.m. As before, two petrol engines are offered, with the 2.4L delivering slightly more power (149kW). All three engines are matted with a six-speed manual transmission as standard, but a five-speed auto is offered and features Grade Logic Control system that puts an end to gear-hunting when climbing uphill or driving back down.

As all motor company claims that they are committed to providing safety for everyone, so as HONDA! Her "safety" includes a Vehicle Safety Assist system that helps sense oversteer or understeer in an emergency situation, and then adjusts brake pressure at each wheel or reduces engine power to help the "stupid driver" restore control. Other safety standards comes along; ABS, (TPMS) tire pressure monitoring system, and all-around airbags.

I guess that's all about her. Putting more words would make the bitch a star already!LOlz. For more info you can check her at your nearest Honda sites or set an appointment with the lovely Ms. Angela of Honda Lahug (09235345746) or online at

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