Friday, September 4, 2009

Volvo XC60

“ She’s the safest Volvo ever built!”

On the weekend I was driving to Toyota Mandaue to check on the Toyota Prius but due to my skeptical schedule I decided to stop at Volvo’s when I passed by and thought of covering the XC60. I have been seeing several of it running around the city already, so why not! The sales dick, I meant, man welcomed me and discussed the XC60. Sensing that I’m not a potential buyer but just a passing enthusiast he didn’t give me the chance to test drive. So I wasn’t able to actually USE her. Another crap is the dick didn’t allow me to take pictures. If I have the luxury of time I would have him explain to his manager but I let it through since I’m in a rush. The heck it’s a public display who says I can’t take shots!? Anyways enough walking with my tongue here.

Volvo claimed this as the safest car they ever built. Should also be one of their most attractive SUV to date. Although noticeably less glitzy than the CX60 Concept that has gone before, the production is nevertheless a very classy offering, with subtly rising belt line, muscular shoulders and a racy profile.

The sugar here is the introduction of the of a system called “City Safety”, that goes standard on all XC60s. This new system will help the “stupid driver” avoid or somehow reduce the effect of low-speed impacts which is very common within the confines of the city. If the XC60 is about to drive into the back of the vehicle in front of it, the City Safety system will automatically brake the car, or even to a stop if necessary. FYI: the City Safety System is only active below 30 km/h, and will brake the car automatically if an accident is imminent and the driver does nothing. So if you’re running above that then you’ll surely kiss your front car’s butt!

In the inside, it’s the usual Volvo comfortable and class, with the slim-line centre stack hangdown section that has become the norm in recent new models. The cabin I must say is spacious, with good levels of head and legroom all-around, while still offering a large boot. (what’s with me? It’s always the boot!Lolz)

The XC60 engine range offers a turbocharged T6 powerplant that pumps out 210kW. Now that’s Volvo power! A turbo diesel is also available with output of 136 kW. The XC60 rolls in “All Wheel Drive” (AWD) fitted as standard on all variants. Having an electronically controlled clutch, the AWD system automatically distributes drive between the front and rear wheels. Nonetheless online Volvo announces that a front-wheel driven 2.4L diesel version with 122kW power output will be made available sometime this year. Guessing to have it there in the country maybe early next year.

Although the standard fitment of 17- or 18-inch wheels (19-inchers are optional) may lead us to believe that the XC60 is not meant for the rough stuff, but it does however boast a very impressive 230mm ground clearance according to the specs I have read. So maybe she will do.Lolz. But who would want Ms. XC60 get mud?Lolz I rather stay rolling on the city with her!

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